Free Counseling

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Whether you are just starting a business or expanding an established business, SCORE mentors  are here to help you succeed.  Contact Us to set-up an appointment to meet with a business mentor  to develop your business plan, discuss a new idea or tackle a business problem.

Counseling/Mentoring is by appointment only.  If necessary, special meeting places and times can be set by mutual agreement with the individual mentor. 

There is no charge for counseling, no matter how many sessions are needed.  Each session will last about one hour. We will continue to be interested in your progress, so follow-on sessions are encouraged. Counseling is available to all U.S. citizens or legal status residents over the age of 13.

All counseling clients are (legally) required to fill out a request for counseling form.  Click here to fill out the counseling request form.  Under "Meet face-to-face, fill in a Zip Code, and click on "Request a Meeting."  A counselor from the SCORE Spokane chapter will contact you shortly to set-up a one-on-one counseling appointment. 

Spokane SCORE, Chapter 180 e-mail address:


Visit our New Web Site

Getting the most out of your counseling session - Bring a one-page Business Summary that provides:

  • A short description of your business idea
  • The business you are in
  • The customers needs that you are satisfying
  • The resources needed to establish the business
  • The reasons you will be successful

Why are we asking for this?

  • To simplify the concept to its key components
  • Focus you on the really critical parts of the plan
  • To describe your idea to third parties